About the Committee

Christian Interconfessional Advisory Committee of the CIS-Countries and Baltics (CIAC) was founded in 1993 to promote cooperation between Christians from the former Soviet republics.

Its basic kinds of activities include:

·     Researching and developing recommendations within the field of contemporary inter-confessional and inter-religious relations; searching for new approaches on the strengthening of world peace, achieving public consensus while preventing inter-ethnic and -religious strife; developing proposals on how to perfect legislation on freedom of conscience;

· Developing relations with domestic and foreign academics and experts, with research centres, government departments and offices, non-governmental organisations and any other associations open for joint activities in accordance with CIAC objectives;

·     Organising and carrying out authorised activities such as international conferences, seminars and symposiums both in Russia and abroad;

· Informing the Russian and international public on its experiences in settling inter-religious conflicts and developing constructive dialogue; preparing the publication and distribution of books, brochures, lectures, bulletins and other printed materials as well as organising radio and television broadcasts, public lectures and seminars;

· Assisting in the holding of both bi-lateral and multi-lateral inter-confessional consultations and in the execution of other activities intending to promote the development of cooperation between Christian churches.