Meeting of the Board of the Christian Inter-confessional Consultative Committee

News — 29.11.2021 13:06

The Board is the governing body of the CICC functioning in periods between the CCIC plenary sessions.

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Christian Churches of Russia Support Finland’s Christians in their Vindication of Traditional Values

The members of the Christian Inter-Confessional Consultative Committee have published a joint statement in support of the Christians of Finland who vindicate traditional Christian family values.

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Communique of joint meeting of Interreligious Council in Russia and Christian Inter-Confessional Consultative Committee

…Asserting peace in a multinational and multi-confessional country, we support the proposal to mention God in the text of the renewed Constitution as we see it as fixing the value of religious beliefs of the peoples of our country tied historically and culturally with the religions that we represent and as spiritual succession to our ancestors.

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Appeal adopted at the 6th Plenary Session of the Christian Interconfessional Advisory Committee (Moscow, 30th October 2019)

The Christian Interconfessional Advisory Committee held its 6th Plenary Session in Moscow on 30th October 2019, bringing together representatives of Christian communities from fifteen Eurasian countries.

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